How to deactivate Override Function of the Outbound number for Inbound number initially used by the client

When the Client dials a certain phone number(Inbound), and the client is called back by an Agent, the Outbound number of the Caller is overriden in order for the Inbound Number to be identical to the Inbound Route (that the Client intially dialed).

The variable is activated by default in PBX:

define('MATCH_OUTGOING_CALL_DNID_INCOMING', true); // check if customer called IN and format the proper outbound number for OUT

  • The User has the Outbound Number set as it follows: 0210000002
  • The Client dials the phone number: 0210000001
  • The User will call back the Client, using the Outbound Route 0210000001 (even if their Outbound Route Number is set as 0210000002!)

Please submit a ticket to in order to Deactivate the Option.

Available in other languages: RO

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