Transmitere CallerID la redirectare (forward) pe mobil - Orange

1. Solicitare activare functie la orange

Se solicita la Orange activarea configuratiei call forward identity presentation pentru SIP Trunk.

Call forward identity presentation:

If a call forward is activated on the customer’s IP-PBX (B party), using this service the C party user will see the identity of the A party.
It is mandatory to receive the Call Forward information from the customer’s IP-PBX! Call Forward scenarios based on the INVITE message sent by the customer, as a response to the initial INVITE, with no forward information available is not allowed.

Call Forward information can be sent in the following headers:
  1. History-Info header
  2. Diversion header
  3. History-Info and Diversion

While1 is using Diversion header:


2. Edit files

Pentru fallback numbers:


Add / edit this to TRUE

define('FALLBACK_NUMBERS_USE_CALLER_NUMBER', true); // overwrites all FALLBACK_NUMBERS_* options, only available on ORO, upon DIVERSION header activation

These are obsolete


Pentru Forwards (Inbound route):


FORWARDS_USE_CALLER_NUMBER=1 ; set Diversion header (HEADER_DIVERSION) for forwarded calls - Orange only

3. Build Users

PBX :: Users - Fallback number - Ring simultaneously ON & Build now

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