Call back last agent

The Call back last agent function has the role of reconnecting a User from PBX with a Caller, when the Caller returns after a previous call from the same day.

Call back last agent can only be activated by setting the variable MATCH_INCOMING_CALL_USER, which is set in PBXl (not from the interface).

If you would like to activate this function, please send a request to .

In order for this function to work:

  • There should be a conversation on that day between Agent and Caller (Outbound)
  • The Caller should return to the same Inbound route / Project
  • The agent must be Available; if the agent is not Available the call is sent to the normal destination

Technical notes:

define('MATCH_INCOMING_CALL_USER', true); // check if we called and transfer the customer to the operator
define('MATCH_INCOMING_CALL_QUEUE_AGENT', true); // check if an agent has answered a previous call and transfer the customer to this agent

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