Zoiper - Request Timeout error (code 408)

This error means that the phone did not receive a reply from the server (or there is no connectivity with it) and is common with new installations or when changing the network connectivity, i.e. being it 3G / 4G or WiFi network.
Check the routing device/ firewall settings.

Common reasons include:

  • There is typo (or an extra space) in the host/domain name:

    Open Zoiper -> Go to Settings -> Accounts -> (your account)
    Double check that the setting for "Domain" is correct and does not contain any spaces.

  • There's an issue with your internet connectivity
    Please open your browser and check if you can visit a random website. If not, you have to fix your internet connectivity issue(s) first. If you are not able to do so yourself, we would suggest contacting your ITSP (internet service provider)
  • Your network provider is blocking VoIP calls. (this happens mostly in middle eastern countries)
    • contact your internet provider and ask if they allow VoIP calls on their network;
    • use TLS encryption for the SIP signalling, especially when combined with a server running SIP on port 443.(this requires server side support for TLS);
    • use RTP encryption for media;
    • use a third party VPN service;
  • A NAT router in between the softphone and the server is causing some packets to be dropped
    Zoiper has a few settings to trick the server into sending the packets to a different IP address or port.
    Please try different settings combinations of STUN (enabled or disabled) or rport for signalling (enabled or disabled).
    STUN ON - Rport OFF
    STUN ON - Rport ON
    STUN OFF - Rport OFF
    STUN OFF - Rport ON

    Please note that:
    A combination that works on one WiFi access point or 3G/4G network might not work on another.
    A combination that works one WiFi or cellular network for a specific VoIP server might not work for another one.
    If the above fails, please contact your provider or PBX administrator might be able to tweak a server side setting to make things work.

  • The PBX or SIP Provider you are trying to connect to is currently down.
    Please contact your provider for further assistance;
  • Your PBX is on an internal network, but Zoiper is not on the same network and no VPN is running.
    Please make sure Zoiper and the PBX are on the same network or setup a VPN between the device running Zoiper and your PBX. Please consult with your system administrator for additional help.

    Check also if the needed ports by Zoiper are not blocked in your firewall/ routing device.The default ports used by Zoiper are:

SIP port is random above 32000
IAX port is 4569 UDP
RTP port is 8000 and above UDP

Default STUN values:
Server hostname /IP:
Port: 3478 UDP/TCP
Refresh period: 30

Available in other languages: RO

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