You can use the Blacklist option to block a phone number (banning calls from it).

Available Blacklist strategies:

  • Play Music on hold - The Call is on hold Music On Hold for 60 seconds, then the call is timp de 60 de secunde, then the call is over.
  • Infinite ring - Calls for 60 seconds, then the call is over
  • Reject call - The caller is automatically rejected
  • Deny outbound - The caller cannot call on a specific Outbound route

Steps to add a contact in Blacklist:

1. Select Home/Contacts (light)

2. Click on New contact

3. Add the contact by filling in the required fields:
  • Name: any relevant name
  • Telephone number: actual phone number OR anonymous call (e.g.: 0723xxxxxx or anonymous)

4. Choose the desired Blacklist strategy

5. Save the contact - click on Create contact

Example - types of blocked contacts:

Steps to restrict an Outbound route, for an added Contact:

Set the option Blacklist option - Deny Outbound at the level of a contact:

Available in other languages: RO

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