Ghost phone calls (Yealink or Zoiper)

1. Deactivate the option Allow IP Call on your phone (Yealink/Zoiper)

Phones can by default have permission to receive calls per IP.

This aspect can lead to:
  • third party attacks by sending SIP packages(viruses)
  • receiving calls from another PBX server ("ghost calls" from atypical caller IDs, for example: 10, 100, 1000, 10112 etc.)

In order to avoid these situations, it is recommended to deactivate it from the web interface of Yealink/Zoiper (IP address needs to be known).

E.g.. for Yealink: Features -> General Information -> Allow IP Call (Disabled ) & Accept SIP Trust Server Only (Enabled)

For more details, go to site:

2. If the Voice over IP permission is enabled for Inbound Calls and suspect virus ghost phone calls:

If you receive ID Calls such as 10, 100, 1000 and/or you can't make a call anymore, there are the following troubleshooting methods:

If PBX runs accordingly after you have tested as above mentioned, then your issue is local (ex: virus).
If the issue is virus related in your internal network, the call attempt is targeted directly to your router or directly to your phones.
It is recommended to access the logs from Yealink phones in order to track the computer/s that are at risk.
(external resources: How to Access System Logs on a Yealink VoIP Phone)

If PBX doesn't run accordingly even after all the tests, please submit a ticket to .

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