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By default, the PBX GUI access is restricted for specific IP addresses (whitelisted IP adressses).
Authorized contact persons can ask for GUI access from any IP by submitting a request at .

What's the purpose of IP confirmation

Confirming IP is required to enable:
  • access to PBX GUI, when you opted to block the public Internet access to it
  • telephones connection to PBX server
  • Google Chrome extension, which activates the Caller ID Pop-up

When the IP must be confirmed

Confirming the new IPs or managing the existing ones is required:
  • during the PBX deployment phase, when the initial IPs are sent to in order to be whitelisted
  • when adding new users to PBX or when users need to access the PBX or the PBX GUI remotely or when the already whitelisted IPs have changed (for ISP reasons - ISP change, dynamic IP etc.)

Who can confirm IPs

For more details on the IP confirmation procedure, follow one of the links below, depending on your PBX role:

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