How can an user receive internal calls on their extension and on mobile phone simultaneously

Internal calls between extensions or the inbound Calls routed on User's extension (ex: Inbound Route User type) or cascaded transfers from an extension to another, can be sent to other phone numbers/extensions, as well as by using the below settings:

1. Access PBX / Users and choose the user you want to activate the option for

2. Edit the form from the page Edit User, by completing the field Follow Me numbers as it follows::

Insert a recording at a time for : phone call, the number of seconds until phone dial, priority.
Phone number = can be another extension or a phone number
h3. 3. Click on Update User

de tradus:The setting allows any call entered directly on User's extension to dial 0700000000 phone number, with 30 seconds delay until the number is dialed and priority 1.Depending on the situation, phone numbers that use the same syntax, each on a distinct row, can be added.
This option DOESN NOT apply for queue calls. For queue calls, alternative routes can be set using the option Fallback Number.

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