How to set up a conference

1.Steps to follow in order to set up a conference:

  • Access PBX / Inbound routes and create a new route
  • Choose the advanced display option of the form
  • Fill in the required fields: Numbers, Description, Type, Destination, Variables , as it follows:
    • Numbers: the number to be dialed by the participants in the conference
    • Description: The description of the conference
    • Type: select Context
    • Destination: insert a destination defined by the parameters [context],[extension],[priority], where:
      The predefined context is Conference, the extension is the name of the conference (ex: 01), priority 1.
    • Variables: Fill in the variables
      CONFERENCE_PIN: insert a PIN number of 4 digits to overrride the default PIN of the conference (1234)
      CONFERENCE_MAX_MEMBERS: insert the max. number of the participants, to override the default number (5)
  • Save the created conference

2. In order to join a conference:

  • Each participant dials the associated conference number
  • Each participant inserts the PIN Number associated to the conference
  • Members can join the conference

3. In order to view a live/finished conference:

  • Access Home / Conferences in order to monitor live conference

  • Access Home / Conferences / Recordings in order to listen to a finished conference (the conference is recorded by default, unless the option Disable (no monitor) is selected)

Available in other languages: RO

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