How to spy on a call in progress

In order to listen to the calls in progress of other users, see the below steps:

1. Set the monitoring permissions in advance for the user who wants to listen to other calls.

  • Select from PBX / Users / Edit User the mentioned user
  • Select Form type: advanced
  • Select from Variables the desired value of the following variables:
    • DISABLE_SPY - make sure that the default value is no, i.e. the user is allowed to monitor other calls
      (the variable deactivates the monitoring on the user's assigned channel if takes _yes_value)
    • SPY_PERMISSION - the variable defines the monitoring method that the user can utilize
      You can select from drop down list one of the options: No permission, Listen, Whisper, Barge.
      Choose any desired value, except for No permission, if you need this User to be able to monitor another one.
      Listen = The User can listen to another phone call, having access to both channels - agent and client, but clients cannot hear the User (e.g.: in quality assurance dept.)
      Whisper = The option allows the user to be heard by the agent in a conversation (to give advice or answers), without being heard by the client.
      Barge = The agent can intervene in the conversation without the initial user's permission, being heard by both the user and the client;
      Please note - if the initial agent leaves the call, the call ends, without the supervisor/user who intervened through the barge being able to continue the call.

Each monitoring method that follows the other includes the previous one. E.g.:Barge method includes Whisper AND Listen

  • Click on Update user

The default settings for listening to a call in progress are:

SPY_PARAMS = ESsb; (uninterrupted listening):

  • E - Exit when the spied-on channel hangs up;
  • S - Stop when no more channels are left to spy on;
  • s - Skip the playback of the channel type;
  • b - Only spy on channels involved in a bridged call

To customize the SPY_PARAMS setting, send a request to .

2. When a call occurs, perform the following commands to listen/intervene in real time

  • *91XX (Channel spy - listen)
  • *92XX (Channel spy - whisper)
  • *93XX (Channel spy - barge)

XX = the extension you would like to spy

For more details on various key combinations access Home / Information, Dialing info tab.

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