How do I choose the right call distribution strategy?

In order for the call center to work properly, the call route strategy is essential. These settings have a strong impact on performance indicators (e.g.: average waiting time, average answer time etc.)

Once the right strategy for your business is certain, productivity, as well as clients satisfaction increase.

Strategy examples

1. Ring All

It's a simple, basic strategy, used by many companies.
Ring all available channels until one answers (default)
This would mean that callers can spend less time until an agent is available to take the call.

Nonetheless, there are several disadvantages. Theoretically, the strategy shortens the waiting time; however, the opposite can happen in some call centers. This is caused by the following situation: All agents in a queue know that everyone hears the call, and this leads to the assumption that someone else will always take the call. Another side effect situation is when some agents may perceive they are just the ones responsible for answering the calls and after they had answered the last 5 or 10 phone calls they no longer take the calls.
Another disadvantage may be that until the first call is taken, all the other callers wait.

2. Round Robin cu memorie

Take turns ringing each available interface, remember where we left off last ring pass

The main benefit of the strategy is that it enables calls to be evenly distributed between queue members, being a suitable solution especially when there are high volumes of calls.

In addition to the above mentioned strategies, there are many more (leastrecent, fewest calls, random, linear, wrandom), and each of them have pros and cons.
The best solution will be highlighted by testing different ways of call route strategy, adaptable to team, to the number of agents, and to the amount of Inbound Calls. The strategy will also take into account the business specifics, the call center purpose, the caller's tolerance to waiting in a queue, the alternative communication channels made available etc.

In order to assess the results gathered from choosing a certain strategy, you will need different metrics such as:
  • average waiting time until an agent answers the call
  • average duration until a call is abandoned
  • abandoned calls percentageetc.

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