How do I set messages played in queues or contexts in various languages?

In order to play messages in other languages than Romanian it is necessary to previously record messages in different languages and to be uploaded in Sound files.
Urmeaza oricare din variantele:

1. Set dedicated numbers for each language

  • Choose any option if you want to link every language to a different project
  • Create a Projects for every language you need
  • Set all audio files related to the project in the language associated to it
  • The caller can't select the language

2. Use the IVR option

  • Choose this option if you want the caller to select the language with the help of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Define an IVR that encloses steps to select the language
  • Once the language is selected. the caller will browse the IVR/playing messages in the selected language

3. Plays multiple messages, in different languages during one single call

  • Choose this option if you want to play all messages in different languages, one single time, during the same call, without the possibility to select a certain language
  • Set for each Inbound routes, in the message fields, the name of the files that match every language, according to the sentence:

Available in other languages: RO