How to allow callers to make a straight call to an extension number

You can define Inbound Routes that allow to dial directly an extension. If the extension is not dialed within a certain time, the call will be directed to the default destination.

Steps to follow in order for the caller to dial an extension:

1. Access PBX/Inbound routes

  • Select an existent route or create a new one

2. Select the form display in advanced mode and define the field Variables:

    specify the sound file name to be played before directing the call to the default destination (you will hear it played after the message "We are recording")
    specify the maximum waiting time (in seconds) until the call will be redirected to the standard destination, set in the Inbound Route, after listening to the message set by PRESS_AGENT_EXTEN_MSG

3. Access PBX/Sound files and upload the file shown by "PRESS_AGENT_EXTEN_MSG" (e.g.: agent-newlocation)

Example of Use:

  • Set Variables on Inbound route:
  • Message to be played:
    The message can notify that an user is connected directly to an agent by dialing their extension/ can play the message "silence" etc.
    Content Template: If you want to be transferred directly to an agent, dial their extension followed by the # key
  • Caller action:
    If the caller dials the desired extension, the call will be redirected to that extension
    If the caller does not enter anything in "n" seconds (PRESS_AGENT_EXTEN_TIMEOUT), the call is sent to the standard destination.

Available in other languages: RO

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