I receive calls but I can’t make calls

Possible causes:

1. Reaching the maximum limit of allowed outbound minutes

When you try to reach a destination, but you hear the message announcing reaching the maximum minutes limit, you can address the situation by editing the settings according to instructions.

2. Running out of the number of channels assigned by the telephone provider

In case the agents receive an 480 or 503 error code (Zoiper 5), then you must check the number of channels assigned by the provider and if it has been limited by project.

  • Step1. Error identification

  • Step 2. Verify that the maximum number of Inbound Calls for the Edit project respectively (reserved inbound channels) has been limited

  • Step 3. Set the value of the variable Max inbound channels to make sure the number of inbound/outbound channels you want is allowed

If you have assigned 10 SIP Trunk channels and you want to allow up to 6 channels for Inbound Calls and 4 for Outbound Calls, then set Max inbound channels=6.

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