Automatic SMS notifications on fallback number

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If you have mobile numbers integrated in the PBX, you can also request at to activate SMS notifications received on fallback number.

In order to be able to receive SMS from the PBX, it is necessary to configure in advance:
A. A SMS server which can be created by While1 (e.g. Raspberry Pi) or
B. A SMS provider (e.g. sendsms, web2sms)

To choose the right solution, you will talk to a While1 Voice representative.

Types of SMS notifications:

1. Send SMS to users when the call is answered


Users in the same queue as the answering operator will receive a message like:
Company Name
"Nume Agent" has answered a call from 074xxxxxxx (R) CRT - Sup - [GA] to "Nume-Queue". Time: 2021-11-27 10: 31

The user who answered the call will receive a message like:
You answered a call from 074xxxxxxx (R) STD - Sup - 074xxxxxxx to "Nume-Queue". Time: 2021-12-02 13: 03

2. Sending SMS to the client, in case of missed call


Company Name
We'll be back with a call as soon as possible. Thanks for calling "Company Name".

3. Send SMS to users in the same queue, in case of a recovered call


Company Name
"Username" has recovered a missed call from 076xxxxxxx [Company Name] to queue "Nume-Queue" at 2021-11-24 11:26:35. Line: 031xxxxxxx

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