Override all queues destination with mobile numbers

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If an unforeseen event takes place which leads to the interruption of activity in the company headquarters (eg: power outage) or in any other situation where you anticipate calls may not be taken by the routes and according the usual settings, it is recommended to deviate calls to an alternative route (eg: mobile phone).

Steps to follow in order to ensure call continuity by setting an emergency queue:

1. Create an emergency queue from PBX / Queues

  • Click on New queue
  • Add to field Add remote member the phone number that you want.

2. Activate queue_override_all parameter from Settings / Parameters

  • Select queue_override_all parameter from listing

  • Fill in the field with the emergency queue name and click on Save

  • The following global announcement will be shown as below:

This setting causes all common rules to be ignored and calls to be redirected only to the emergency queue that has been set.

To return to the previous settings, once the situation has been resolved, the parameter can be disabled at any time from the listing - click on the x symbol in the Delete column in order to delete it.

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