First time configuration of While1 Voice PBX - planning and basic settings

1.In-house pre-installation considerations (on Recipient's side):

  • I have purchased the necessary hardwares (phones/soft)
  • I have completed the flow chart necessary to configure While1 Voice PBX
  • I have delivered to While1 Voice PBX the static IPs list in order to be added in firewall and to have access allowed OR I have confirmed the dynamic IP on PBX interface.
  • I have integrated our own CRM to While1 Voice PBX by one of the agreed upon methods with While1 Voice representative:
    • Another business related method
  • I checked that port 5060 to the PBX IP is not blocked by firewall
  • I checked the gateway configuration access list and I deactivated the options related to SIP (SIP ALG, SIP, ALG, SIP Passthrough etc.) and Security

2.Steps to configure While1 Voice PBX and telephones:

2.1. Initial installations

  • Users(agents)
  • Queues
  • Inbound routes
  • Schedule
  • Caller ID Pop-up (optional):
    • I have confirmed the external integration of CRM with PBX Server
    • I have delivered the Backend Link url
    • I have installed the While1 Voice Notifier extension
    • I have set up the While1 Voice Notifier
    • I have checked for IP confirmation

2.2. SoftPhone Setups (depending on your requirements)

  • I have set up Zoiper/X-lite phones

2.3. Telephone Settings (Hardware) (depending on the requirements)

  • I have set up Cisco/ Yealink

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