What is a queue

A queue is a process or a "flow" for incoming calls.
The queue is made of groups that can receive calls and in which you can specify which group gets the calls and for how long.
Call Queue are used to distribute calls to their associated agents.

Queues consist of:

  • Inbound calls placed in the queue
  • Members that answer the queue (extensions or users that login as agents)
  • A strategy for how to handle the queue and divide calls between members
  • Music played while waiting in the queue
  • Greetings and music on hold for members and callers
Agents are people who answer calls placed in a queue.
A logged in agent indicates that the agent is ready to take calls.
PBX server transfers an incoming call to a queue and from there it is transfered to an available agent
Members are active channels.
Members can be:
  • agents (persons), who are logged in through any type of connection to receive calls
  • direct channels, connected to PBX (E.g.: sip/snom23)

Default queue

The default queue of a project is automatically created, once the default PBX project / store is created.
The queue name will be: aliasmagazin-queue (E.g..: while1-queue).

How to create new queues

To create new queues or manage existing ones, please see the below links:

Changing of current queues

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