Custom schedule (setup for special days and holidays)

In Custom schedule section can be configured the custom schedule for special days (e.g.: legal holidays).

Steps to follow in order to configure a custom schedule:

1. Click New element

2. Choose the level/element for which the custom schedule is set (items 1 and 2 from the image)

Please note!
If you need to set different schedules per level, the PBX will apply the schedule depending on the level, in the following order:

1. Project
2. Inbound route
3. IVR Menu
4. PBX Queue (these type of schedules must not exceed the limits set by the upper level schedules)

If there si no schedule set at the Inbound route level, this element will inherit the schedule set to the Project.
If the schedule set at IVR Menu level is defined in the most restrictive mode, then it will overwrite the schedules from superior level by narrowing down!
If there is a schedule set at the IVR menu level and another schedule set for a queue associated with the same IVR menu, then the queue schedule overrides the IVR menu schedule.

3. Choose the date for which the custom schedule applies to (item 3 from the image)

4. Fill in the working hours (item 4 si 5 from the image)

5. Click on Add new schedule in order to save the schedule (item 6)

6. How to edit the daily schedule further

  • add several time intervals for one day only (click on Add interval & fill in new time interval)
  • delete time intervals (check the time intervals that you want to delete & click on Save Weekdays schedule)
  • set welcome messages during and outside working hours (optional).

If you want to play specific messages for the inbound calls during working hours (Welcome message) or for the inbound calls outside working hours (Closed message) select the desired audio file for each field in the form, from the Sound files list (in which you have previously uploaded the necessary files).

Available in other languages: RO

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