Email address is set up but I don't receive the missed call alerts

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In order to receive the Missed Call Alerts by Email, it is necessary to fill in the email address in Project's settings or in Inbound routes:

Check if you have provided an email address and if the settings are correct. If you still do not receive any alerts in your Inbox, possible causes could be

  • the email goes to SPAM
  • the email is not delivered because of IP's reputation or missing DKIM

Please note!
To receive missed call notifications by email, the call must reach the queue, i.e. after playing Please hold the line, we will take your call in a moment (enter_queue) message.

In order to avoid these types of situations, it is recommended to:

  • Add the PBX's IP in whitelist on email's server
  • You provide us with a SMTP account to send emails

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