PBX sound files

1. Recording format

Sound files are recorded in a WAV, Mono, 8kHz, 16 bits format

2. Sound files (the name of the audio files must be as follows)

2.1. Announcements

  • welcome
    Welcome to My Company!
  • we_are_recording
    This conversation is being recorded. Your continued participation in this call serves as your express consent to be recorded.
  • enter_queue
    Please wait while we connect your call to the next available agent.
  • hold_the_line
    Please stay on the line, your call will be answered in the order it was received.
  • all_ops_are_busy
    We're sorry, all of our agents are busy at this time. We have registered your call and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • closed
    Thank you for calling. Our offices are currently closed for the day. We have registered your call and we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • contact_us_by_email
    You can also contact us by email.
  • thankyou_goodbye
    Thank you! Goodbye.
  • recording_consent_yes_no
    This call may be recorded. To accept, press 1, otherwise press 9.
  • recording_consent_yes
    We are commited to providing the best service for all of our customers, therefore this call may be recorded. Press 1 to accept this recording. [PAUSE longer than usual]. The call will continue without being recorded.
  • outbound_welcome
    _Hello, this is a call from… _

2.2. Utile

  • replay
    To replay the message ...
  • return
    To return to the previous menu ...
  • invalid_retry
    You didn't choose a valid option. Please select a valid option.
  • invalid_end
    You didn't choose a valid option. Thank you for calling. Goodbye!
  • vm-intro
    _Please leave your message after the tone. When done, please hang up.
    Vă rugăm sa lăsați mesajul dumneavoastră după ton. Cand ați terminat vă rugăm să inchideți _
  • invalid
    We're sorry, that's not a valid option. Please try again.
  • auth-thankyou
    Thank you!

2.3. Apăsarea tastelor

  • press_0
    Press (key) 0
  • press_1
    Press (key) 1
  • press_2
    Press (key) 2
  • press_3
    Press (key) 3
  • press_4
    Press (key) 4
  • press_5
    APress (key) 5
  • press_6
    Press (key) 6
  • press_7
    Press (key) 7
  • press_8
    Press (key) 8
  • press_9
    Press (key) 9
  • press_star
    Press (key) star
  • press_hash
    Press hash or pound key.

2.4. Departments (Optional) - recommended naming for audio files: ivr_name_department

  • ivr_sales
    For Sales, ...
  • ivr_support
    For Support, ...
  • ivr_accounting
    For Accounting, ...
  • ivr_helpdesk
    To open a new ticket ...
  • ivr_critical
    To report a critical event, ...
  • ivr_voicemail
    To leave a voicemail, ...

2.5. Available in other languages (Optional) - recommended naming for audio files: ivr_for_language

  • ivr_for_english
    For English press 1
  • ivr_for_french
    Pour Francais touche 2
  • ivr_for_romanian
    Pentru limba Română apăsați (tasta) 3

Best practice: to have sounds recorded for keys separated by departments, in case you later want to assign another department to another key.
Using & you will be able to add 2 sounds for an IVR branch, e.g.: department selection.
For example by adding the name ivr_sales&press_1 to sound files in IVR the result will be: For Sales Press (key) 1

3. Use of sound files in IVR

Available in other languages: RO

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